” Ms. Anna, I don’t want to live in the bottom any more! I want to climb up!”

Anna’s working diary

“Ms. Anna, I made into Cooper Union! Yes, I did it! !”
“I will continue to work hard, I want to be Mr. Steve Jobs!” he shouted!
 Lawrence, he is one of my student who lives in govt project, but just got into one of the best school in the world among 60 spots in year 2011, Cooper Union–The free college are much harder to get in than school like Harvard!
We both cried so hard on the phone.
This is the true story happening in my studio every day!
“I don’t want to live in the worst area in NJ any more, there is rape, gun fire, drug, everything..”
“I want to buy my mom a big beautiful house, I want to send my little sister & brother to the best school,
I want to make more money to support my mom, she is single mom, she work so hard for me!”
That was what he told me when he first came, my eye was wet even I tried to hide it.
Are u going to take 3 hours train to come to my studio every week? are you going to work hard with me?”
” If you want to get into Cooper Union, your academic must above 95, SAT reach 2100, dear!”
” Yes, I will work hard, harder than anybody! ”
he was so skinny, but his big brown eye showing the stronger strength ever.
Two & half years after, he did it!!!
Because his GAP finally raised to 98.5 from 69 the beginning, SAT reached 2285, his art work were more than brilliant!!!
“Ms. Anna,  I can’t Thank enough for your help! I got the great news for u too!”
” I also found a part-time job in an Architecture firm because my top ten Ivy portfolio are so stunning, my boss pay me much more money than other people. I will make my dream come true! lol..”
For the first time he laughed so loud even I can’t see his handsome face.
he was always very quiet, he was always silent while I was teaching,
 I hardly knew he was there some time in my studio.
but he was one of my best student who is talented & intelligent also willing to work hard, never missed a single home work, never looking for short cut. he worked 10 times harder than every one.
He deserve the best today!
 “Thank you so much for being the best teacher of my life, Ms. Anna!”
Ms. Anna, I don’t want to live in the bottom any more, I want to climb up!”
 he determined that & he did it!
” I will be more successful, I will make u very proud to be my art teacher!
 Please take good care yourself, Ms. Anna! I miss you! ” he added in passion!
My tear was dropping down like water quietly…
                          My Hero- Mr. Steve Jobs, Watercolor, 15×20, Anna Yung

About annayung

A Professional Artist with National & International Awards who loves to teach people in a special way!
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