A letter from my former student so moving

Ms. Anna

You would probably like to know how I know your daughter was auditioning for Art in Murrow. I was in the other room with the other art teachers. One of my classmates came running to my classroom, showing my art teachers your daughter’s art portfolio. All of the teachers were simply amazed and stunned of how beautiful the artworks were. Nonetheless, I am so glad to have you as a former art teacher. I still follow your techniques and I will never forget them! I feel so blessed to have worked on my portfolio with you. I am doing FANTASTIC in school. I got an E for Art, which means a full 100. My mom is impressed with my work and my progress in my AP classes. Not only that, I’m currently in the youth architecture program in Cooper Union! Yes, there is a great chance that I’ll need you to assist me in the future. It’s funny how time passes so fast and I’m already taking my SAT next year! Most definitely, I’d like to go to an Ivy League or possible Carnegie Mellon for architecture. No matter how complicated and stressful it is going to be, I am major faith in myself. Happy Holidays to your family. Take good care of yourself and don’t stress yourself out! I am always here!
PS: she was # 1 trouble kid in my studio very hard to teach, she hated school & peoples, her GPA as lower as 68, she fighted with her mom every day, I need to read more than six of psychology books to help her out at the time … I changed her life while I was teaching her art… look at what happen to her today… her e-mail was so impressive & moving my heart… made me cry..

                                   Wall St. Never Sleeps, Gouache, 18×24, Anna Yung

About annayung

A Professional Artist with National & International Awards who loves to teach people in a special way!
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