The rich kid & poor kid II

Anna’s working diary
Seven years ago, three rich kids came to my studio from the most richest area of NY–Great Neck, long Island , they spent a year with me making the top portfolios, try to go into one of top ten Ivy league school, because my friend gave them highly recommendation about me.

they have throw out more than 10 art teachers before.

these kid were very talented in art, bright & smart but extremely lazy, spoiled.
that was how we start..
The rich kid walked in, he said: Ms. Anna, how can I sit on those poor chairs ? I want a new one..
” then you should sit on the floor!” I answered loud & clear.
so he laid down on the floor for 20 minutes. he had blue eye & dark hair.
I asked other rich kids: do u want to throw him out?
they said: Of course, but how can we move him out, he is 6”1, 195 lb.
” where is your home work?”
I turn my head to the one who has green eye & dark hair, he rolled up the eyeball to the ceiling for another 15 minutes, no answer.
“so what did u do last night? I asked.
he said: I played computer game until 6:00 am this morning. I am so tired to move my arm now..
“wow. where is your parent? “I was more upset, but I didn’t raise my voice.
“My mom in the hospital for 19 months because I made her so sick!”
 he suddenly suggested me: Ms. Ann, why don’t u work for my dad if u have MBA, he owns a big co.  he could pay u much more money.. lol”
Wow, this was a real challenge to me!
The poor kid said:” I won the big art contents, but my mom ask me where is the money? she wants me to drop it out now.. “
that sounds so familiar to me, reminds me all the pain I have been through.
 I told him not to give up, you will see your money one day, that will be much bigger than your mom’s head & her thoughts. just go get a part-time job now if u can..
“Where is your homework, Ms. Anna?” another rich kid winked with his blue eye, his blonde hair looked to shine in the studio.. he liked to repeat every word I say there…
I asked him: how old are u ? 6, or 7?
He laughed: I am 17 years old… here is my work! is that good enough.. lol?
What a crappy work he gave me!
enough was enough!
I shouted: got out! got out my studio right now, never come back, don’t tell any one that I am your art teacher!!!!!…
a week after, they all showed up in front of the studio with the flowers & some expensive gift, to beg for another chance.
I told them to throw everything into a big trash can…
“that is so hurt our feeling!” one of the kid mumbling..
I am a poor artist, so what? there are one thing you can’t buy here, it is my dignity!
I was real mad: the only chance you will get is –show me your good work when you come next time..!
three months after, these rich kid became a complete new person.
I tutored them individually.
One day, one of the rich kid asked me: Ms. Anna, how can I asked my dream girl out? she has been thrown out my flower more than 9 times.
I asked: is she dumb , poor & just have a good look? 
“Are u kidding me? Ms. Anna. My dad is a chief editor of Times, my uncle is a senator,  I don’t have a bad taste like that…who lives in our neighborhood? she is real smart & pretty. she drive a much better car than mine… I am rich, smart & handsome, but I feel like a real loser!
“Do u know why she ignore u? because your brain only growing grass.. lol”
” Is what u think about me? Ms. Anna?”
“Yes,dear!” I said loud & clear:” so go work harder, get your butt into the best school in the world, then she will stick on you like honey!”
“Please remember that my dear,  your parent’s success is not your success, your own success will be a real success of you. got it..?”
One year after, all of them got into the top prestige school in the world.. I ended up in hospital checking out my heart condition.
when some one said: Ms. Anna ,I will remember you, my life has been change because you!” he also sang me a song –I will remember you … but he sounded so horrible too..
We both cried so hard on the phone..

About annayung

A Professional Artist with National & International Awards who loves to teach people in a special way!
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