The rich kids & poor kids

–Anna’s working diary
The rich kid said :”the rich kid don’t need to work hard & study hard, only the poor kid does that.” wow! that almost shock me off the chair. then I said: what about after you waste all your parent ‘s money, how can u live? The rich kid answered:” I am the only son in the family, if I don’t waste their money, who will? plus, my trust  fund are well enough to feed u, your children & grandchildren to come.  the property tax that we paid like $ 150k a year are much more than your whole year’s salary!” wow! wow! that was much more challenge to me!
I said: if u not willing to learn & work hard, why u have to come to me. the rich kid said:” because u are so cute, so fun to play with! I like u a lot! Ms. Anna!” Very well! I am so cute!  but do I look like the fun toy to them to play with..????? lol… I laughed so hard..
The poor kid told me: Ms. Anna, I am worry about my dad, he is sick in hospital, my mom  just got lay off.. I am worry about my future too! I said: Don’t worry , honey, as longer as we have two hands & willing to work, we won’t die… my eye was wet too.
A year after, the rich kid & poor kid are in my studio, they were all got into the top college in the world..
Is the job were so fun & so easy.. haha…;-):-*8-)

About annayung

A Professional Artist with National & International Awards who loves to teach people in a special way!
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