The Special Report About My Art Teaching.

Dear Parent & Student,
In March 2010, for the very first time, I opened up my studio to accept the interview from the media to talk about children educational problem, here is the hard copy of the magazine.  the reaction was huge! A few professors from Harvard, a few big organizations from Hong Kong & Taiwan paid respect to me…
if u want to read in English, u could use Goggle translator or others.
any thoughts?
Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
                                          Searching, Watercolor, 15×20, Anna Yung

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” Ms. Anna, I don’t want to live in the bottom any more! I want to climb up!”

Anna’s working diary

“Ms. Anna, I made into Cooper Union! Yes, I did it! !”
“I will continue to work hard, I want to be Mr. Steve Jobs!” he shouted!
 Lawrence, he is one of my student who lives in govt project, but just got into one of the best school in the world among 60 spots in year 2011, Cooper Union–The free college are much harder to get in than school like Harvard!
We both cried so hard on the phone.
This is the true story happening in my studio every day!
“I don’t want to live in the worst area in NJ any more, there is rape, gun fire, drug, everything..”
“I want to buy my mom a big beautiful house, I want to send my little sister & brother to the best school,
I want to make more money to support my mom, she is single mom, she work so hard for me!”
That was what he told me when he first came, my eye was wet even I tried to hide it.
Are u going to take 3 hours train to come to my studio every week? are you going to work hard with me?”
” If you want to get into Cooper Union, your academic must above 95, SAT reach 2100, dear!”
” Yes, I will work hard, harder than anybody! ”
he was so skinny, but his big brown eye showing the stronger strength ever.
Two & half years after, he did it!!!
Because his GAP finally raised to 98.5 from 69 the beginning, SAT reached 2285, his art work were more than brilliant!!!
“Ms. Anna,  I can’t Thank enough for your help! I got the great news for u too!”
” I also found a part-time job in an Architecture firm because my top ten Ivy portfolio are so stunning, my boss pay me much more money than other people. I will make my dream come true! lol..”
For the first time he laughed so loud even I can’t see his handsome face.
he was always very quiet, he was always silent while I was teaching,
 I hardly knew he was there some time in my studio.
but he was one of my best student who is talented & intelligent also willing to work hard, never missed a single home work, never looking for short cut. he worked 10 times harder than every one.
He deserve the best today!
 “Thank you so much for being the best teacher of my life, Ms. Anna!”
Ms. Anna, I don’t want to live in the bottom any more, I want to climb up!”
 he determined that & he did it!
” I will be more successful, I will make u very proud to be my art teacher!
 Please take good care yourself, Ms. Anna! I miss you! ” he added in passion!
My tear was dropping down like water quietly…
                          My Hero- Mr. Steve Jobs, Watercolor, 15×20, Anna Yung
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A Special Poem about Anna’s Art Teaching

She works very hard and strives to teach.
Financial success and goals she’ll reach.
Her students always progress, excel.
Because she teaches art very well.
The knowledge she has cannot compare.
No teacher comes close to how she’ll care.
Anna Is The Best, She’s Art’s Rolls Royce.
For teaching art, she’s the only choice.
                             The Dreamer, Watercolor,  15×20, Anna Yung
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A letter from my former student so moving

Ms. Anna

You would probably like to know how I know your daughter was auditioning for Art in Murrow. I was in the other room with the other art teachers. One of my classmates came running to my classroom, showing my art teachers your daughter’s art portfolio. All of the teachers were simply amazed and stunned of how beautiful the artworks were. Nonetheless, I am so glad to have you as a former art teacher. I still follow your techniques and I will never forget them! I feel so blessed to have worked on my portfolio with you. I am doing FANTASTIC in school. I got an E for Art, which means a full 100. My mom is impressed with my work and my progress in my AP classes. Not only that, I’m currently in the youth architecture program in Cooper Union! Yes, there is a great chance that I’ll need you to assist me in the future. It’s funny how time passes so fast and I’m already taking my SAT next year! Most definitely, I’d like to go to an Ivy League or possible Carnegie Mellon for architecture. No matter how complicated and stressful it is going to be, I am major faith in myself. Happy Holidays to your family. Take good care of yourself and don’t stress yourself out! I am always here!
PS: she was # 1 trouble kid in my studio very hard to teach, she hated school & peoples, her GPA as lower as 68, she fighted with her mom every day, I need to read more than six of psychology books to help her out at the time … I changed her life while I was teaching her art… look at what happen to her today… her e-mail was so impressive & moving my heart… made me cry..

                                   Wall St. Never Sleeps, Gouache, 18×24, Anna Yung
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助華生上名校 安娜畫室點石成金


— 記特殊教育法老師、藝術家翁安娜

【大紀元記者衛君宇紐約報導】走進紐約布魯克林 一間半底下室內的小小教室,看著滿牆的孩子們的畫作,很難想像這些東西,與將三位洋太保送進普林斯頓、耶魯和哈佛能有甚麼聯繫。然而,琢頑石而成璞玉的妙手,就正是這間畫室的主人
— 翁婉明(Anna Yung)女士,人們都叫她「安娜」。






                                                                Student Art Work








                                                               Student Art Work






                                                       Student Art Work

10個月後,海娣進入了愛德文中學(Edward R. Murrow High School)。經年以來,愛德文中學一直被評為全美國最好的中學之一,1989年被教育部評委「優秀學校(School of Excellence)」。

之後很快,海娣進入了Cooper Union學院「年輕建築師」學習計劃。要知道,位於曼哈頓的Cooper Union是被美國時代週刊評為最難進的私立大學,要進其藝術與建築系更是難上加難的。

如下是海娣寫給安娜的一封信的片段﹕「我在學校表現非常非常好﹗我的藝術得了滿分100分。我媽媽對我的課業進步和大學預科的成績驚訝不已。不但如此, 我現在還加入了Cooper Union學院「年輕建築師」學習計劃。有一點確定的是,我想進常青籐學院或卡耐基梅隆去學建築。多多保重,不要太累了,我的心永遠與你在一起。」


                                                               Student Art Work


安娜的一位藝術家朋友認識三位富家子弟﹕Jeff ,Kevin
和Michael。Jeff 家三代律師,他的家族在曼哈頓擁有20多家律師行,家境非常富有;Michael 的父親是紐約時報的一位主編;Kevin

朋友知道她將自己的小孩教的很好﹕安娜的兩位女兒,一位在全美排名第一的商學院 — 賓州大學沃頓商學院,另一位也是上名牌大學。而且安娜也幫她朋友的孩子上了Cooper Union學院和普林斯頓大學。所以朋友就讓安娜試試看,能否幫幫這三個問題男孩


這三位太保家住長島富人區,是鄰居,也是好朋友,他們經常一道逃學,夜不歸宿,對學校的作業沒有興趣,只要有機會就逃學,有時候在外面和人打架。成績不好,Michael 的平均分數隻有63,比海娣的69分還要差。Jeff 72分,Kevin 68分。


                                                               Student Art Work

「Jeff 金髮碧眼,身高6尺3,非常英俊,他第一次來到我的教室時,我說一個字,他會學十次,我問他﹕Jeff 你六歲還是七歲,為甚麼老學我,是因為我英文的口音好笑嗎﹖他說﹕我17歲了。但你很好玩。他喜歡把我當成玩具。」

「Kevin 則是一問三不答,只管眼睛看著天花板。當我讓他做甚麼,他就說﹕我很累。我問他幹甚麼那麼累,他說玩計算機遊戲,每天晚上打遊戲徹夜未眠,直到清晨六點﹔我問﹕你的父母在哪裏﹖她說﹕我媽在醫院,我爸和女人在外面。」

「Michael 一進門,就說﹕我怎麼可以坐在這麼破的椅子上﹖買把新椅子,要不我就不坐下來。我說﹕那你坐在地上好了。他就真的躺在地上,二十分鐘不起來。我說﹕你要讓我將你扔出去嗎﹖他說﹕是。但是我沒法將他扔出去,因為他身高6尺1,體重195磅。」

image 10                                                                       Student Art Work

就從這樣的三個孩子身上,安娜卻看到了共同的一點﹕他們非常聰明,很靈。「我試著找到他們感興趣的地方,我試著幫他們找到使他們的生活有意義的地方,我 試著用藝術來緩解他們心靈的痛苦,我想知道他們心中的憤世嫉俗來自何方,我試著打開真相。於是,我就將他們當作朋友,而不止是個教藝術的老師,和他們談 心,想瞭解他們更多一些。就這樣,我們開始了。」


image 11                                                          Student Art Work


這三個男孩離開後,怎麼再打電話,安娜也不接,他們心裏還是明白的,幾天後一同來到了安娜的畫室,帶來鮮花和禮物,表示道歉,安娜說﹕「扔在垃圾桶裡 ﹗」他們說﹕「安娜小姐,你太傷我們的心了﹗」我說﹕「我唯一要的禮物是給我看到你們的出色功課,在這裡,有一樣東西是你們用錢買不到的﹕我的尊嚴,我的 正直。」他們聽懂了,學習態度越來越好。

這三個男孩都想和一位同校的夢中情人約會,但那位女生就是不睬。他們送了九次花,九次都 被扔掉。我對JEFF說﹕「你想聽真話嗎?那麼你知道為甚麼她不理你嗎﹖因為在我看來,你不過是個白垃圾,你的腦袋只是用來長草的。」他簡直吃驚壞了﹕ 「你真的這樣看我﹖我英俊、富有又聰明﹗」我說﹕「你聰明﹖那你的GPA怎麼那麼差勁     。」

那位女孩聰明有漂亮,後面追她的人有一、兩打,JEFF 問安娜如何是好,安娜告訴他﹕「把你的GPA考到95分,然後送她一張GPA拷貝,放一束玫瑰在裡面,那你的第一此約會就搞定了。」

JEFF說﹕「我生平第一此感到自己是個失敗者。」而對JEFF來說,真正的轉折點,就在這一刻。回家後,安娜請他的父母給他著了最好的補習老 師,JEFF三人則是三個月廢寢忘食的學習,結果他們一位得了92分,一位94分,JEFF真得了95分,真如安娜所說,他也如法炮製得到了和那位女孩的 第一次約會。倒是他們的父母對孩子們突然間像變了個人似的至今不得其解。

當然這還不夠,因為他們接下來還是貪玩,還是逃課,安娜 就跟他們講﹕「如果你們再逃一次課,我就沒有你們這樣的學生。」他們也問我如何能使那位女孩像蜜一樣黏著他們,我說﹕上個名牌大學,他們就會跟著你們。聽 起來很好笑,但確實你要找到不同學生在不同階段的驅動力所在。

image 5                                                                     Student Art Work

三位太保從此認真起來,一年多後,JEFF SAT 考了2180分,進上了哈佛法學院,MICHAEL SAT 考了2125分,上了耶魯商學院,MICHAEL SAT 考了2085分,上了普林斯頓。


輔助孩子們上名牌大學,安娜說其中非常重要的一環,就是他們都採用了安娜給他們準備的藝術作品集(Art Prtfolio) 作為大學申請中「課外活動」
(Extra-Curricular) 一項的申請材料,其中包括長島的三位太保。



有一位男孩,來自華人家庭,對建築和藝術非常喜歡,SAT考了2380分,但就是因為他的課外活動一項不足,而未被哈佛錄取。雖然孩子喜歡藝術,安娜也給他準備了藝術作品集(Art Prtfolio) ,但其父母認為沒用而沒有在申請中遞交。

安娜說美國的大學,尤其是一流的名牌大學,他們不想要那些「高分低能兒」,他們希望招到那些非常與眾不同的學生,非常有發展潛質的學生﹕「那三位西人男 孩聽了,他們進入了哈佛、耶魯、普林斯頓。這位華人男孩的母親硬是不聽,結果孩子沒能上哈佛,儘管他的SAT考了2380分。」

如今,安娜感到欣慰的是,她對那位朋友有了交代,她在試著無私的幫助別人,她用自己的藝術才能和教育方式幫助華人孩子上了心中的大學,因為那位朋友當時還 說﹕「安娜,別忘了,儘管你很美國化了,但你依然是個華人,你要回來服務你的華人社區,用你的才能幫助他們,因為他們需要你。」


最後,安娜想送給華人父母們一個建議﹕「尊重孩子,給他們成長的空間,不要強迫他們,而是要幫助他們真正有個幸福的人生。」 有孩子需要安娜幫忙的,可與她聯絡:347-739-3384

image 7


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Another great news from my student about Mark Twain Test result

Subject: Dorothy’s Mark Twain result

Dear Ms. Anna,

Good news, both of you and Dorothy’s hard working get paid off.  Here, I am happy to let you know that Dorothy is accepted by Mark Twin.  Her art test score is 97.5.  Wow, don’t you think that she really did a great job?  I am appreciated your hard work for teaching her and I am proud of her.  Thank you very much.  Have a great day!
                                        Save our dollor, Watercolor, 15×20, Anna Yung
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The rich kid & poor kid II

Anna’s working diary
Seven years ago, three rich kids came to my studio from the most richest area of NY–Great Neck, long Island , they spent a year with me making the top portfolios, try to go into one of top ten Ivy league school, because my friend gave them highly recommendation about me.

they have throw out more than 10 art teachers before.

these kid were very talented in art, bright & smart but extremely lazy, spoiled.
that was how we start..
The rich kid walked in, he said: Ms. Anna, how can I sit on those poor chairs ? I want a new one..
” then you should sit on the floor!” I answered loud & clear.
so he laid down on the floor for 20 minutes. he had blue eye & dark hair.
I asked other rich kids: do u want to throw him out?
they said: Of course, but how can we move him out, he is 6”1, 195 lb.
” where is your home work?”
I turn my head to the one who has green eye & dark hair, he rolled up the eyeball to the ceiling for another 15 minutes, no answer.
“so what did u do last night? I asked.
he said: I played computer game until 6:00 am this morning. I am so tired to move my arm now..
“wow. where is your parent? “I was more upset, but I didn’t raise my voice.
“My mom in the hospital for 19 months because I made her so sick!”
 he suddenly suggested me: Ms. Ann, why don’t u work for my dad if u have MBA, he owns a big co.  he could pay u much more money.. lol”
Wow, this was a real challenge to me!
The poor kid said:” I won the big art contents, but my mom ask me where is the money? she wants me to drop it out now.. “
that sounds so familiar to me, reminds me all the pain I have been through.
 I told him not to give up, you will see your money one day, that will be much bigger than your mom’s head & her thoughts. just go get a part-time job now if u can..
“Where is your homework, Ms. Anna?” another rich kid winked with his blue eye, his blonde hair looked to shine in the studio.. he liked to repeat every word I say there…
I asked him: how old are u ? 6, or 7?
He laughed: I am 17 years old… here is my work! is that good enough.. lol?
What a crappy work he gave me!
enough was enough!
I shouted: got out! got out my studio right now, never come back, don’t tell any one that I am your art teacher!!!!!…
a week after, they all showed up in front of the studio with the flowers & some expensive gift, to beg for another chance.
I told them to throw everything into a big trash can…
“that is so hurt our feeling!” one of the kid mumbling..
I am a poor artist, so what? there are one thing you can’t buy here, it is my dignity!
I was real mad: the only chance you will get is –show me your good work when you come next time..!
three months after, these rich kid became a complete new person.
I tutored them individually.
One day, one of the rich kid asked me: Ms. Anna, how can I asked my dream girl out? she has been thrown out my flower more than 9 times.
I asked: is she dumb , poor & just have a good look? 
“Are u kidding me? Ms. Anna. My dad is a chief editor of Times, my uncle is a senator,  I don’t have a bad taste like that…who lives in our neighborhood? she is real smart & pretty. she drive a much better car than mine… I am rich, smart & handsome, but I feel like a real loser!
“Do u know why she ignore u? because your brain only growing grass.. lol”
” Is what u think about me? Ms. Anna?”
“Yes,dear!” I said loud & clear:” so go work harder, get your butt into the best school in the world, then she will stick on you like honey!”
“Please remember that my dear,  your parent’s success is not your success, your own success will be a real success of you. got it..?”
One year after, all of them got into the top prestige school in the world.. I ended up in hospital checking out my heart condition.
when some one said: Ms. Anna ,I will remember you, my life has been change because you!” he also sang me a song –I will remember you … but he sounded so horrible too..
We both cried so hard on the phone..
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The rich kids & poor kids

–Anna’s working diary
The rich kid said :”the rich kid don’t need to work hard & study hard, only the poor kid does that.” wow! that almost shock me off the chair. then I said: what about after you waste all your parent ‘s money, how can u live? The rich kid answered:” I am the only son in the family, if I don’t waste their money, who will? plus, my trust  fund are well enough to feed u, your children & grandchildren to come.  the property tax that we paid like $ 150k a year are much more than your whole year’s salary!” wow! wow! that was much more challenge to me!
I said: if u not willing to learn & work hard, why u have to come to me. the rich kid said:” because u are so cute, so fun to play with! I like u a lot! Ms. Anna!” Very well! I am so cute!  but do I look like the fun toy to them to play with..????? lol… I laughed so hard..
The poor kid told me: Ms. Anna, I am worry about my dad, he is sick in hospital, my mom  just got lay off.. I am worry about my future too! I said: Don’t worry , honey, as longer as we have two hands & willing to work, we won’t die… my eye was wet too.
A year after, the rich kid & poor kid are in my studio, they were all got into the top college in the world..
Is the job were so fun & so easy.. haha…;-):-*8-)

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Hello world!

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